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User Agreement

Welcome! This page allows you to register on-line as a patron of San Bernardino County Library. This form is for new registrations only. Upon successful completion, you will have the ability to place up to 15 requests for materials. To check out materials, you will need to bring appropriate identification and complete your registration in person at your local branch library. Minors age 0-17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person to complete the registration process or present the signed documents outlined in Library Card Requirements. You must complete your registration within 7 days; after 7 days all temporary accounts expire.

By completing this application and clicking the submit button, you (as adult borrower or parent/responsible party) accept responsibility for:

  • The care and return of library material borrowed on the card.
  • Fines/fees for damaged, overdue or missing library materials, including materials borrowed with or without consent
  • The supervision of minor children in your care while in the library
  • The use of electronic reference resources (internet) by minor children in your care
  • Observing the Patron Code of Conduct
  • Immediately notifying the library of change of street address, email address or telephone numbers
  • Reporting a lost library card immediately. (I understand that I am held responsible for materials borrowed on cards up to the time a loss is reported to the library).

I understand that failure to return materials borrowed on this card or fines/fees of $25 or more on the account may result in referral to a collection agency and additional charges.

Minor Accounts: I understand that I accept financial responsibility in my name as the Parent or Responsible Party listed on the minor’s account, including possible referral to a collection agency and any additional charges.

Computer use-only library cards No check outs are allowed on computer use-only cards. Card expires 2 weeks after issue date. Privilege may be renewed once every 12 months only.

I certify that all of the information on this application is true, current and correct.